Summer Savings at Joss & Main

In the creation of the “Summer Savings” theme for the Joss and Main homepage, instagram and email marketing, there were many design decisions that were to be made. Starting with the design of the homepage, graphic assets, banners, and imagery were created to be used throughout the whole theme. The home page layout should be overall easy to navigate and straightforward for seamless user experience. The artistic graphic elements alongside photography included on image stickers, header graphics, and hand lettering typography. 



Instagram Post

In conjunction with the "Summer Savings" sale look and feel, this simple post was created to promote, across the board of social media, the theme of watercolor and hand lettering. It also acts as a reminder to our followers, of the emails received and the overall design when visiting our home page. 


Email Layout

The dynamic layout of this email design follows the overall theme of the campaign, yet adds a bit more playfulness in order to stand out in the clutter of our customers inboxes. It must be compelling enough for the viewer to open, but more importantly, navigate onto the website to browse and purchase.